Weeky Writing Progress 5/27/19

This week, I managed to crank out 9.9k words. Not the best, but an improvement over last week. What makes me more impressed is that I managed this while revising and editing other works. I'm proud to say that I've finished my Biblically-inspired, Lovecraftian story. While I'm generally satisfied with the overall story, It needs … Continue reading Weeky Writing Progress 5/27/19


Friday Pasta — Language Edition

Who knew that a story about language could be creepy. This week's story manages that in spades. Check out "My sister discovered a universal language, but she hasn't spoken a word since 2003." by Edyth Pax-Boyr aka deathbyproxy. My sister is a genius. When she was about thirteen she made this device that honestly still … Continue reading Friday Pasta — Language Edition