Monster Hunter Legion– A Review

The past couple weeks have been quite hectic and I’ve not had the time to sit down and write about what I’ve been reading. Most of my free time was spent actually reading. As a result, I now have a backlog of reviews to get through. It’s not really a problem, just keep in mind that the reviews may be a bit shorter than usual. With that said, let’s begin with a review for Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Legion, the fourth book in his Monster Hunter series.


I’ll start out by saying that I devoured this book. The premise is ridiculous in the most awesome way possible: the first annual Monster Hunter convention is scheduled with monster hunters from all over the world attending. Owen Pitt’s crew is there along with other MHI from across the country as well as representatives from the MCB. Then shit hits the fan and we have a crazy monster on the loose. Now, I won’t go into details because you really should experience this without knowing anything prior.

Let’s start with the good. Pretty much every character is distinct and interesting with their own personalities and motivations. The fact that Correia can create so many characters without them feeling like clones is a testament to his abilities as a writer. Previously, in my review of Monster Hunter Alpha, I complained that the female characters are all drawn from the same ass-kicking-action-girl mold with little to differentiate them. I’ll have to retract that. They may all be ass-kicking-action-girls but the female characters in this series really do have distinct personalities with tremendous depth. Holly Newcastle is a perfect example. She may come off as your typical stripper-turned-killer cliche but she really does come into her own as the series progresses, especially in this book. Correia really can do characters.

The plot is ridiculous, awesome fun that never lets up until the very end. There are twists and turns that are genuinely surprising without feeling like cheats. In addition, Correia pulls together a number of threads from previous novels and connects them in interesting ways. Again, I can’t say too much without giving things away. Though I will say that dragons make an appearance which isn’t really a spoiler because it’s there on the cover. Suffice to say that the plot goes in interesting directions while giving juicy hints of the cosmic forces manipulating things like pieces on a chessboard.

In the end, Correia’s Monster Hunter series continues to impress. Correia has likely topped his previous MHI books with Monster Hunter Legion. The action is great. The mysteries are tantalizing and the characters fun. What more could you possibly want from a book series about private companies hunting monsters?

5 out of 5 stars.


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